Sangsoo Lee

Artist, Seoul, 1981

Search light

작업은 전체의 영상을 제한된 프레임을 통해 부분적으로 볼 수 있도록 만든 영상설치 작업으로, 관객이 직접 영상을 선택적으로 보게 되기 때문에 영상과 소리가 갖는 연속성을 비연속적인 관계로 놓이게 하고 관객은 이를 새로운 조합으로 재해석하게 된다.

My work is a video installation that makes people can partially see a whole video through the restricted frame. Since the audience directly chooses and sees the video, the continuity between video and sound have is set in the discontinuous relation. So they reinterpret it as a new combination.



Born in Cheonan, Korea 1981.



2010    Korea National University of Arts, fine art,   B.F.A               Seoul,              Korea



Group Exhibition

2010 SeogyoSixty2010: The Imaginary Archive-The gaze of 120, KT&G Sangsangmadang, Seoul

2010 Dusty Answer, VCU FAB Gallery, USA

2009 COLLECTING TIMES, Hongik Art Design Festival, Seoul

2009 Connection, Korea National University of Arts Gallery, Seoul

2009 Awkward Harmony, GlasMoog-MinusEins-Foyer Gallery, Germany

2009 Incheon International Digital Art Festival, Incheon

2009 College students out of the brilliant, Seoul Art Center Gongpeyong Gallery, Seoul

2009 Singing Eye, Guro Arts Valley, Seoul

2009 A Dialectical Circulation: Old Media and New Media,

Young-Un Museum of Contemporary Art, Gyeong-gi-do, Korea



2009 Incheon International Digital Art Festival 2nd Place