Sungwook Kim

Artist, Seoul, 1981
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+Work’s Description

Street Monster : Hollow One

This work is one of Street Monsters series that is expressed about urban legend.

It has similar fear between fear of ghost and media. Formless. If something is formless, we get fear easier. Because formless means we can not recognize what it is. But this work’s theme is not fear. JUST FORMLESS.

I want to tell about formless but not horrible expression. Fun and tricky expression will be better than horrible to tell about this work’s theme.

+Work’s Material & Dimensions

Cloth, Monitor, Paper box, Electronic parts(Arduino and many sensors), must need power plug



Street Monster : Hollow One

현대에 도시괴담을 바탕으로 하는 스트리트몬스터즈 연작.

형체가 없는 유령의 대한 공포감과 형체가 없는 미디어에 대한 공포는 비슷한 성격을 가지고 있다. 관심을 가지기 전까지는 인지하기 어렵지만 우리가 그에 대한 생각을 하는 순간 실체가 되기 시작한다. 하지만 이 작품은 공포가 주제는 아니다. 웃음과 함께 재미있는가가 그리고 이런 주제의식이 있다라는 이야기가 우선이다.

+작품소재 및 크기

천, 모니터, 종이상자, 전기부품(Arduno 및 각 종 센서), 전원콘센트 필요




1981 Born in Masan.
2000 Graduated from Changwon Namsan high school.
2005 Worked as a 2D Inferno Artisit at the Advertisement post production “Apex CG” in Seoul
2007 Made a “Soft Seoul” advertisement movie what was screened at 2007 public design expo as core designer.
2010 Directed Opening & Closing ceremony,  Closing party Interactive video at 2010 UNESCO, Secretariat of Youth Forum for the 2nd World Conference on Arts Education.



2011    Korean National University of Arts, Department of Multimedia, M.F.A  Seoul,   Korea
2004    Korean National University of Arts, Department of Multimedia, B.F.A   Seoul,   Korea



Group Exhibition

  1. 2 [Discrete fluid] Karts Gallery
  2. 10 [reinterpreted O-Gam-Do by modern art] Ilju Art Gallery